The freelance writer’s office

Myth: “I am a freelance writer, I don’t need an office.”

Truth: Yes, you do. I am not saying that you have to be there all the time, or that you have to have a stuffy, uptight, box-like prison to do your writing. It is crucial that as a business owner you are consistent and organized. For your own psychological reasons, you should have a steady comfortable place to get to work. You may have one or two places that you can go, or a certain undisturbed place at home where you can let your creative juices flow. It is difficult to focus on work if there are other things to do and focus on staring you and your laptop in the face. I have alternate places that I go, but I have limited them to three, so that I have a comfortable and familiar feeling that allows me to get to work. It also eliminates the feeling that my work day never ends. I set the hours, and then I leave my office when it’s over.

Aside from the ability to consistently focus, an “office” is a must for record keeping purposes. Contracts, your business account, invoice records, and client contact information need to be organized. You also need a place to keep track of work related print materials (books, magazines and other paraphernalia), pens, a printer, fax, ink, paper, and other supplies. If you aren’t organized, your clients will eventually find out.

My other reason for suggesting so strongly that you as a freelance writer need an office is because there needs to be a physical separation between your business and the rest of your life. If you don’t live alone, privacy is a must. You need an area that is off limits to others. It is extremely helpful to have a place where others need to respect your space and time. Simply creating this office area lets them know that you are a serious business owner and you are not just working on your hobby. The boundary is very much needed if you are going to work from home.

Having your own “Freelance Writer’s Office” will help you to feel that you deserve to be taken seriously and that your job is real.

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  1. good post , you tell the truth

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