Can I make money writing whatever I want?

Myth: A freelance writer can always make money writing about any subject.

Truth: It is limiting to focus on only certain subjects. I often write on topics that aren’t may favorite thing in the world. It really depends on what you know most about and how much that market pays, but there is a buying market for content on almost every subject. The reality is that not all subjects are as popular or as high paying as others, therefore, you may have to write on somewhat less appealing topics to really make money, especially in the beginning of your career.

Do your homework. There are more than a dozen paying freelance writing markets to dive into, and some pay way more than others. For example, copywriting, technical writing, and medical writing tend to pay more than poetry or web articles and blog posts. I suggest getting the current copy of The Writer’s Market and looking up your favorite subject and writing genre. Study the markets and read the advice.

If you are the type of writer who has to be in love with the subject before you can write about it, you should take the time to research the paying opportunities within your favorite subject. Don’t be afraid to learn about new things and research unfamiliar topics. You might find a new love. You shouldn’t limit your earning potential with emotional writing. By all means, you should write about things that you know and love, but you need to be flexible and open minded. Being versatile and learning different writing genres and new topics will help you build a diverse portfolio and make you more appealing to buyers.

It is possible to make some money with deeply inspired writing, but you can make more money if you are willing to expand your horizons.


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  2. I’m not a big believer in niche topics either. If one topic falls out of demand, a niche writer is just out of luck.

  3. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

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