The Greatest Enemy to a Freelance Writer

Your greatest adversary is procrastination. It will rob from you and kill your freelance career if you allow it to. You must avoid it when possible and kill it when you have the chance. Get rid of it before it poisons you!

Procrastinating. Everyone does it at some point or another, and needless to say, this is no way to run a freelance writing business. Waiting until the last minute can diminish the quality of your work. Procrastinating can also prevent you from taking on new, higher paying, opportunities because you are stuck trying to finish something with a pressing deadline that can’t be missed. Completing work ahead of schedule will free up time to take another project and make more money. Procrastination is the enemy of the freelance writer. Do what you must to kill it.


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  1. Thanks for this reminder that we all need to fight procrastinating. I find that if I set up a schedule that I will stick to it better than just writing when I feel like it.

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