Write what you know

One mistake that I admit to making early on in my freelance writing career is taking a project that I knew nothing about and had no interest in. I have written on fishing, wood carving, and strapping machines. I tend to be more easily amused than the average person, and I love to learn about new things. These topics were among the list of things that I just didn’t find interesting, and I didn’t think I would ever use the information in my personal life. Not to say that I haven’t written about other topics that I new nothing about, for example labor laws, health insurance and internet marketing. I think it is perfectly fine to write on topics that you haven’t a clue about, as long as you are interested in learning about it.

Make sure that if you are offered a project and you don’t know the subject well, give yourself extra time to research and familiarize yourself with it. If the deadline doesn’t allow for that, don’t take it. You could end up being way off base in your content, and the client will be dissatisfied with the work.

If you don’t find the subject interesting or useful at all, or if you hate the idea that the client wants you to project, don’t take the job. Opposing your moral beliefs or any opinion that you feel strongly about will not get you further int he writing business. You will find that you quality and speed are t their best when writing about what you know and love. To truly enjoy a project and do well with it, you should know at least something about it, and be at least a little interested.

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