Don’t Leave Them Hanging

One thing that I like to do, that my clients love, is give them a regular update on progress. This works well for projects that are just over a week or longer. After one week in a long-term project, I like to send a brief message to my client and let them know that I have started and things are on schedule. I usually will not send rough copies of the work for them to see unless they ask me to do that. I just make sure that I keep in regular contact with them, so they feel more comfortable, and know that I am a self-started who doesn’t need to have someone looking over my shoulder.

When you make the effort to show clients that their project is important, they tend to want to hire you again. If I am half-way through a project, I will normally send a sneak preview of the work, as long as it is close to what I plan on turning in. Be careful with letting clients see your unfinished work. If it is a proofread finished portion of a longer project, you shouldn’t worry, but never send a really rough piece to them. That will only make them nervous, and they might begin to doubt that you will deliver the quality that they thought you would. If you have truly made progress, and the preview doesn’t need much more than a scan for typos, go ahead and send them that evidence that you are actually working as hard as you say you are.

Once a week is good enough, and longer than that tends to be a little too long of a wait. I never like it when clients have to ask me how things are going, so I beat them to the question. Try it. It will make you seem more together and professional, and clients really like it. It’s just another way to keep them coming back. No one can resist good service.

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  1. Keeping the client updated with regards to the project is a good idea, especially if you’re hoping to have a long-term relationship.

    No client wants to be left out in the dark!

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