Bids and Proposals for Freelance Work

Many freelance writers use or to find freelance writing work. There are several experts who will advise against using such sites because they charge fees and commission. While this is an undeniable drawback, it is a good place to start, establish yourself as a professional, and build your portfolio. If you use these sites properly, you will earn a huge profit on the investment. Here are some tips that I find helpful when bidding on projects.

-Read the job post carefully and make sure you can do the job. Give them what they ask for. Most of them will ask to see previously written work, and some my ask for references or a resume. Be specific and use some of the same words that the buyer used. Make it obvious that you read the details of the project.

-Address all of the questions asked, and appeal to the requirements directly. For example, if they are looking for rewriting and you have that kind of experience, state that in your proposal. If they say that they are looking for a “versatile writer” and you are, then state that. Pick up any clues they give about what they are looking for and use them. (Don’t make false claims, of course.)

-Bid within their budget. If you think their budget is too low, don’t bid. You should have a set price range for your per word rate, per page rate, per hour rate. Creating a range, such as $35-$60 for a short but well researched web article, can help you determine reasonable budgets.

-Ask questions if there aren’t enough details. It isn’t a good idea to bid on vague project postings without a clue about what they really need.

-Tell them, briefly, why you would be a good choice for them. Don’t ramble about how excited you are about the opportunity and how great it would be if you won the project. Focus on why they should hire you.

-Be yourself, but be professional. Don’t try to project an image that is not you, but don’t be so informal that they don’t take you seriously.

After a few projects, you will figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Happy bidding!

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  1. Excellent post! I know lots of freelance experts frown on using these sites, but using Guru to give my business a head start has really paid off. After two years on the site, I’m currently the #1 ranked writer. I recommend it to all of my coaching clients, and will link to your post because you’ve given some great advice. Thanks!

  2. great tips, thanks

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