Portfolio Building With Writer’s Workshops

As a freelance writer it is extremely helpful to have a diverse portfolio. In the beginning, it is rather difficult to develop samples when you do not have very much experience.

One way to bulk up your portfolio is to take a writing workshop. Once place to find online writing workshops is the Writer’s Digest website. There are other websites that you can go to, but that was the first one I ever noticed. Not only can you learn how to be a better writer in a specific style of writing, but you will get feedback from an expert. You can use the products from your workshops in your portfolio.

You may also be able to find live local writer’s workshops in your area. That way, not only will you add pieces to your portfolio, but you will have the benefit of live critique that can really help you grow as a writer.

If you are interested in a specific genre, or want to try a new genre, workshops are really beneficial, and worth the money. Even if you have been writing for a while, it is always good to expand your skills, and hear different perspectives on your writing. It will keep you sharp. I highly recommend signing up for a quality workshop to build your portfolio.


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  1. Fantastic info will definately check back soon. Keep up the good work!

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