Making More $ in the Freelance Writing Business

After writing for a few months, or perhaps a year or two, many new freelance writers wonder how to earn more money. Everyone wants to know how to increase their earnings, and there are a few things that I have learned. Here are some money-making tips for a freelance writer:

-Write faster. Of course, the more you write, the more money you will make. Spend less time checking your email and more time producing material to sell, post, or complete projects. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed, but do work on speeding up.

-Sell your work., and will pay you to write and get hits. is a place where you can post your articles for sale. is another post-to-sell website you can use to sell books on.

-Promote yourself. Start a blog, post on other blogs, participate in social networks, and advertise. Link to your posted work, and get on any writing website that will have you. The more you put yourself out there, the more clients will come to you. (Having your own website gives them an easy place to contact you.)

-Charge more. You can always raise your rates, but don’t raise them dramatically in a short time frame (not unless you have been grossly undercharging).

-Pitch to higher paying markets. Business writing, technical writing, and copywriting pay more than blogging, proofreading and editing, and poetry. Write things that are in demand, and you will be able to charge more and get it.

If you are diligent about earning more money, you will do it. Take advantage of the opportunities online, and make the most out of your freelance writing business.


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