Freelance Writers Should Watch Their Manners

I read an incredibly insightful post recently about manners on the internet and how it can affect your reputation as an online professional. I must say that I strongly agree that it is important to be respectful and professional online, whether it be your personal blog, Myspace page, or in email. Inappropriate comments and over-emotional spiels can tarnish your image, certainly.

Why does it matter if my email is in all caps with no greeting or closing? Who cares if I curse a client on my personal blog? The fact of the matter is, as a freelance writer, you are creating an image for yourself online. That image should be carefully protected. It is not a good idea to “air-dirty-laundry” online, or to be lazy about professional tone when emailing clients. Here are my tips on keeping your online image clean:

-Remember that sometimes, the only interaction you have with clients is online.

-Don’t disclose anything online that you don’t want clients to see.

-It is not a good idea to bash any client for any reason. (That client, other clients, and potential ones will wonder if you will bash them.)

-Be extra polite. Edit typos and such in your email, always greet, close, and thank. Don’t type in all caps.

-End relationships peacefully if necessary, and maintain a healthy, growing network of associates.

Take your image seriously and you will be taken seriously as a professional. Check out the post I read, it makes fantastic points.

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  1. Ha, thanks for spreading the word, and thanks for the link!

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