Why Freelance Writers Need References and Testimonials

Being in business for yourself as a freelance writer does not lend itself to instant credibility. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. In order to be recognized as a true professional, you have to have a track record of success behind you. “What if I am just starting out?” you may ask. From the first client you are somehow able to win over, you need to start gathering feedback and testimonials.

Many companies will ask for customers to fill out quick surveys or simply ask, “How can we make our service better?” Why shouldn’t a freelance writer do the same? Learning the things that you did right, and wrong, can help you grow as a writer. If a client has good things to say about you, ask if you can write it down and use it as a testimonial. You might even want to ask for feedback, or request a quick emailed statement about their experience with you to help you market your services.

One other good idea is to ask for a letter of recommendation or if you can put a client’s information down for a reference. I have seen several freelance writing job listings that ask for references, resumes, and reviews. It offers buyers a sense of confidence when they can see that you were able to serve others well, and the natural assumption is that you will serve them in a similar fashion. Customers attract more customers, and that isn’t going to change. I recommend frequently collecting testimonials and feedback from clients, and posting it on your website and/or adding it to your portfolio. It will not only make you look good to other prospects, but it can really boost your confidence when you are having a no good, writer’s-block-filled, stressed out day.


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