Freelance Writing Portfolio: Electronic or Hard copy?

A freelance writer can benefit from having both a hard copy and an online portfolio. Both types should showcase only a writer’s best work, particularly pieces that have been chosen for publication or have won contests. In either type or writer’s portfolio, include the publication information if the work has been sold.

One of the major differences with an online writer’s portfolio is that you can link to items published on the web. Having a single page website dedicated to the portfolio can give it a professional edge. With these, you can upload files with thumbnail images and give the portfolio a nice professional edge.

A hard copy portfolio should contain clean copies of quality work on quality paper. A professional case is important to have as well. You can organize the work by genre, date, word length, or subject matter, but make sure it is organized. You may also want to include a resume so that prospects can not only see past projects but other work experience and credentials that can improve your overall professional image.

Having both types of portfolios prepared can open up job opportunities. If you limit yourself to only a hard copy or only an online portfolio, you can fail to sell yourself at your best in a live presentation or an online application. Prepare both and keep them updated. Remember to only add your best work.

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