Freelance Writing Feast or Famine

The freelance writing business can be unpredictable at times. One week you might bring in a thousand dollars and have more work than you can deal with. One month you might bring in a thousand dollars and wonder where all the work has gone. Not everyone is able to comfortably deal with this kind of living, especially with financial obligations that really can’t wait until things pick up again. Here are some pointers for dealing with the ups and downs.

-Build long term relationships with several clients. One of the ways to combat the freelance writing famine is repeat customers. If there is an opportunity for ongoing work, pounce on it. Do this as much as you can, because you never know when one or more of them will need to suspend or end their orders with you.

-Have an emergency fund. You should always set aside at least a month’s worth, or maybe two or three month’s worth, of living expenses in case you won’t get paid for a while. Only use it if you are short on an important bill, and replenish the fund when you do get paid again.

-Keep material on sale and publish things for passive income. Writing some quality articles and ebooks and posting them on sale at or can provide a bit of a back up that can supplement your unpredictable income. If you are prolific enough on websites like and, this can also ad to your revenue during slow times.

-Promote your services, even when you are busy. Advertise, drive traffic to your website, and apply to jobs frequently, even if you have a number of things on your plate. Don’t overbook yourself, but don’t stop marketing just because you have a few extra projects for a couple weeks.

-Keep writing. No matter what, you should always spend a lot of time writing. Even if you haven’t been hired for a particular project at the time, keep yourself writing just the same as if you had a pressing deadline. You may be able to sell the work or use it for a project in the future.


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  2. Thanks for the tips, I’m a newbie looking at getting into the freelance world. I am using associated content and have previously written for a blog, so I have some experience, but I am still a little unsure of the whole going full time process.

  3. I’ve got them all covered except the emergency fund. That is certainly important but somehow I never seem to get one going. Thanks for the reminder about how important they are.

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