How to Brand Yourself as a Freelance Writer

What types of writing are you good at? What subjects do you know a little too much about? It is good to brand yourself as a writer because you can develop an expert’s reputation. There are two ways to brand yourself: by accident and on purpose. Accidental branding happens when you do a high quality job on a particular style of writing, perspective, genre or subject matter, and clients just love it. They come back to you for the same type of thing, and other people hire you for similar projects. You may not have intended on focusing on that niche, but you become known for that genre, subject, etc.

Branding yourself as a freelance writer on purpose can be beneficial. Here is how to brand yourself on purpose:

  • blog about it.
  • put it on your services page.
  • include it in every pitch e-mail you send to a potential client.
  • showcase examples of that deliberate brand in your portfolio.
  • talk about it on Twitter.
  • write guest posts at other blogs, and make sure that the content of those posts contribute, to one degree or another, to your brand.
  • put it in your tagline on every forum to which you contribute.

Basically, if you want to known as a particular kind or writer like a web page content writer, or a magazine article writer, or a science fiction novelist, or an expert on a subject like fitness, women’s issues, or sports, produce related work as often as you can. Create an image for your freelance writing business. It will make it easier for you to stand out as a writer.

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  1. I think branding yourself as a freelance writer is of the utmost importance, but unfortunately many writers fail to realize how much of a positive impact it can have on their business. We live in a “give it to me now” society and branding doesn’t fit well with the current mentality. Branding takes time and generally a concentrated effort, though “accidental” branding can happen as well. Truthfully, if a writer hopes to make a full time living in their vocation of choice, they really need to make it a focus to get their name out there as much as possible. Not only will branding improve their credibility, it may allow them to justify higher rates for their writing services in the future.

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