Business-Minded Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is not a job, it is a business. When you decide to become a freelance writer, you are not signing up for a work from home job, you are beginning a company. Many freelance writers fail to realize this. It is important to think like an entrepreneur, rather than just a writer. Business-minded freelance writing is what has made many freelance writers successful. Here are some tips on developing a business-like focus for your freelance writing business:

-Learn about accounting, taxes, profit/loss, etc. Finances are a crucial part of any business, and you need to know how to manage and evaluate your business from this standpoint.

-Create a clear policy. Every company has its own regulations and a way of doing business. A freelance writer’s policy should include pricing, cancellations, refunds, payment methods, revisions, deadlines, blackout dates/times, and client privacy.

-Outsourcing. As your business grows, you are going to need employees. You might simply join forces with other freelancers. Even if you do not hire other people to help you write, you may want to get someone who can help you do research, hire an accountant, find someone to run your errands, or otherwise save you time. You will get busy if you are doing things right, and building a high quality, reliable team is essential for the growth of your business. If you are truly a successful writer, you will be able to train others to keep things going when you need a vacation, experience major life changes, or are too sick to work.

-Advertise. This is more than just sending query letters to magazines or bidding on projects. Put up a writer’s website that includes information about you, what you write, linked or uploaded writing samples/portfolio, your policies, and your contact information. You may also want to try putting up a video on youtube, article marketing, printing business cards, designing a logo, and creating a newsletter to stay connected with current and past clients.

The idea is to think of yourself as more than just a writer. You are an entrepreneur. You are the president of your own company. You are the one in charge, so run your business the way that you think businesses should be run. Become a business-minded freelance writer, and you will not only feel even better about what you do, but you will see your business grow.


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  1. Удивительно.

  2. Даже и не придирешься!

  3. Great article and continue to write as much as you can.

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