Breaking Writer’s Block

Oh, the dreaded writer’s block. I have often encountered the phenomenon of the writer’s block, but I want to challenge its power. I think the very fact that there is an official name for times when writers find it difficult to get words on a page makes it even more difficult to overcome. Perhaps we shouldn’t believe in “writer’s block” anymore.

What is writer’s block anyway? It isn’t like we sit down to write and suddenly cement hardens over the keyboard and we are literally blocked from writing. It is not that our office has yellow caution tape all over the doorway, and we just can’t get in. Writer’s block is a blanket term for the many reasons why we don’t feel like we can get any writing done.

Why do we get writer’s block? There are many different reasons. Sometimes it is a lack of ideas. Other times it is simply laziness. Writer’s block can also be caused by the pressure or a really tight deadline (or last minute frustration from procrastination). Whatever the cause, we have to get rid of it, because our business depends on our ability to just sit down and get to it.

Here are some tips on getting rid of the wretched writer’s block:

-Figure out the cause. Knowing why is the first step to knowing how to get rid of writer’s block.

-Do something else. If you just don’t feel like writing, use another part of your brain for a while. Exercise, paint, call a friend, play sudoku, or go window shopping. Get away from the computer, whatever you do. You might feel ready to get back to it after a while.

-If financial pressure is a factor, your creative juices might be backed up due to the need to get writing done just to cover major bills. Avoid that by setting emergency savings aside, create multiple streams of income (three or more paying clients), and try not to think about it when it is time to write.

-Avoid procrastination. Staying ahead of deadlines rather than missing them or barely meeting them can make it easier to concentrate.

-Relax. Yoga, messages, meditation, solitude, and bubble baths can do real wonders for your creativity. It is easier to tap into your imagination when you are relaxed and refreshed.

-Read, read, and read. Writers need to read anyway, and it is an unlimited resource for ideas.

-Tell yourself there is no such thing as writer’s block. You can write anytime you want to. Maybe you need to refocus your mind, take a break, or go through a little writer’s ritual first, but you don’t have to be blocked if you don’t want to be.

Writer’s block is all in your mind. Take good care of your mind, and your writing will be just fine.


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  1. I hate it when this happens. Most of the time, I just move on and try again for the next day. No sense forcing something that won’t come.

    Thanks for the tips!

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