Freelance Writers Need Backup Plans

In my experience running a freelance writing business, I have definitely felt the need for a backup plan. I have actually been surprised at the number of things that have come up and set me back on projects. I am a fairly healthy person, yet I have been set back a number of times for doctor’s visits and days that I just didn’t feel well enough to write. It also took a while before I learned how to balance my personal life and work life. I have had to push projects back due to poor planning, and the part of the plan that was missing was the backup.

I have since hired a couple of assistants to cover me when I get into a jam, or need to take a vacation. I am running a freelance writing business, and like any other business, things have to keep running. That has helped quite a bit, and it has also given me the ability to take on more projects. When your business starts to grow, you are going to need to hire help.

Another part of backup planning is negotiating deadlines that are further away than necessary, just in case something happens. I try to add an extra day for short projects, an extra few days for medium sized projects, and an extra week for long-term projects. It really helps to be flexible with the workload. Sometimes delays are nothing other but the need to take a break, and I allow for that when I schedule projects.

One other things that I sometimes do is create at least one alternate plan. Sometimes I will set up a schedule, and then I will set up another one to see which one I will like better. It eases the pressure of deadlines for me if I can see that I have some options as far as when I can work on a particular project. That way I don’t feel like I am chained to my computer working on a single project, banned from writing anything else until it is done.

Having a backup plan as a freelance writer is a very good thing. Life happens, but we can plan around it.

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  1. A backup plan is a good idea for any career.

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