More Entry Level Freelance Writing Jobs

Here are some ways to begin writing for money if you don’t have much experience.

Trade publications. These are industry specific magazines with fairly narrow niches. These are easier to break into than top consumer magazines. You can write about what you know, and find a trade publication that focuses on just that.

Become a non-fiction author. How-to books are incredibly popular. What is a topic that you know a great deal about? What knowledge can you offer based on your life experience? Again, writing about what you know can be a money making opportunity. Write a non-fiction book or an ebook on something you know well.

Travel writing. Many newspapers and magazines publish reviews on places, vacation spots, local attractions, restaurants, shopping areas, hotels, beaches, etc. It is a great opportunity if you love to travel, and it is an easy way to get your work published as a writer who is just starting out.

Greeting cards. If you have a knack for concise writing that expresses emotions, reflects relationships, or shows humor or sentiment, write greeting cards. You may not get a byline, but you can make some money if you are unique.

Rewriting web content. If you consider yourself a human thesaurus, or you just know how to say things in a number of different ways without changing the meaning or the original text, take on rewriting projects. You don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the topic, just interested. Websites are always looking to refresh content and improve search engine rankings by updating their pages. The need to keep the same information on a website, yet make it fresh is a common need, and an opportunity for a new writer.


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  1. Great tips!

  2. Very interesting tips. I’d add that there are huge writing opportunities on the Internet beyond just rewriting. I make my living writing solely on the Internet, and have for the last five years. I do some rewriting like you’re talking about, but most of my work is much more interesting and exciting.

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    Nice work very interesting…

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    You are right I think you have said it very well…

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