Why Freelance Writers Should Always Advertise

It is vital for freelance writers to stay in the view of potential clients. One mistake that some freelancers make is pulling back on marketing efforts during a busy season. I understand that it takes time and effort to develop leads, advertise, and apply to projects, but it is important to dedicate some time to this especially when you think there is too much work to handle.

Even if you have returning clients or the promise of ongoing work, you never know when something will change and the steady work will stop.

Very low points can be avoided if you are always seeking for more ways to generate income and opening up new writing opportunities. I like to keep at least two clients with the promise of ongoing work, one long term project, and a few short projects that only last about a week. Any project that you do a good job on has the potential for repeat business.

Whatever you do, keep yourself out there. If you bid on projects, keep bidding even if your plate is full. You can always say no to some of the projects if you really can’t do them, or you can hire an assistant to help you in really high times. If you pitch to magazines and trade publications, you should always have something pending. If you apply to postings on websites like craigslist, mediabistro or simplyhired, check the listings at least every other day.

Use article marketing and blogging as well. Always make sure that you have fresh content out there and clients will find you. Freelance writing is not a job with a steady paycheck, per se, but if you market consistently and properly, you will always have at least some money coming in.


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  1. This is so true. Everything could change instantly. It is always important to keep the word out there. It is quite difficult to find that balance. I like to work on advertising on a regular basis and keep mine up to date. I have it there when I need to show a new client my resume!

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