You Can Write What You Don’t Know

I know that the traditional rule is to write what you know. While this is a great place to begin, you shouldn’t limit yourself to things that you already know enough about. Hey, a person can only know just but so much. Be brave and step out into unknown territory. With some research time, you will be able to learn about new things enough to write about them. Don’t be afraid to become a rookie expert in a somewhat foreign topic that you don’t have experience with. You don’t know everything, even within the topics that you do know well, so it doesn’t hurt to keep learning and writing about the new things that you learn.

Think about it this way, the only reason why you know what you know is because you learned it at some point. Expand your mind, and expand your writing.


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  1. I agree that you can research any topic, interview people, and write about it. I enjoyed this topic.


  2. This is so true! As freelance writers we become experts in certain fields. We become experts by researching and learning through interviewing and writing. It is awesome! One of the best benefits of writing is being able to continue learning so much.

  3. I think the old “write what you know” adage really has its roots in fiction writing. It’s hard to capture emotions that you haven’t felt before, etc. But for the old research-and-write, non-fiction grind, a writer would be hard pressed to make any money writing about only one or two things.

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