Self-Publishing P-O-D

Print-on-demand self-publishing has positive and negative sides. If you have a book that you would like to get published, this is one option you have. On the positive side of print-on-demand, the writer has control of the aspects of publishing, the writer earns all or most of the revenue from the sales, and the writer retains the rights to the book.

On the negative side, print-on-demand publishing will not get you the same exposure that a traditional publisher will, services can be a bit on the expensive side with extra costs, and there are sometimes delays in getting the copies out.

Before you get into print-on-demand self-publishing, get to know a few companies and all of the details.

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  1. It’s important for today’s writers to familiarize themselves with the available technology and to learn the lingo so they’re not left in the dark. POD publishing has its drawbacks and it will, unfortunately, attract rank amateurs who want a book published of their awful horse poems…but it also provides a venue for excellent writers who have fallen between the cracks re: traditional publishing.

    A good post, thanks…

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