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In my opinion, a freelance writer’s blog should stand out among other blogs. The quality of the writing should stand out, and the craftsmanship of the language should be eloquent. I am not quite where I want to be with my blog, but I am just getting started. At the very least, a freelance writer’s blog should be clean, intelligent copy that is representative of the blogger’s writing skills.

It is important to spell check your posts and edit them for typos, awkward sentencing, and cohesion of thought. Everything that you write online will reflect on you as a writer, and your blog should in no way reflect poorly on your skills. That is why I say that writer’s should avoid writing negative comments about clients or overuse slang, profanity or generally off-color language even in their blogs. Buyers might just happen to see it, and that is not a good thing.

Freelance writers need to at least have a certain level of consistency throughout all of their published work, online and off. While blogs may be personal, unpaid, and unrelated to your work, save the “free-writes” for your unpublished journal. Let your blog make you look good. Otherwise, it can do just the opposite.


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  1. Excellent erudition for cyberspace pilgrims

  2. Thanks for the post and your opinion
    In freelance writing one thing is more important that is your writing skills. I do agree with you opinion about writers blog representation. A freelance writer’s blog, article should be clean, intelligent copy that is representative of the blogger’s writing skills. If your writing skills are poor , it will reflect in your blog or article.

  3. bloggers should also bring a sense of “realness’ to their blogs…sure one must be in command of the english language, but, more importantly, your blog, whether professional/personal should reflect a certain truth about the writer/blogger…

    I’ve gotten great response to my blogs from writers/bloggers and potential clients just by being the writer/blogger I am…inclusive of a few misplaced words…dangling participles and just plain ole me ‘speak’

  4. I agree with both sides of the argument, in fence sitting fashion. I think it is possible to show a strong grasp of language and writing principles while still giving a real sense of yourself. And even making the odd mistake is acceptable.

  5. hm.. love it

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