How to Find Your Writing Niche

It is easy for some people to figure out what their writing niche is. For many, finding a writing niche is like searching for a needle in a haystack. As a freelance writer, you might be exposed to a variety of different projects, and may not feel confident in any single subject or genre. Establishing yourself as an expert in something can prove to be beneficial to you, and will make you more attractive to buyers. Here are some tips on finding your niche, and some suggestions of areas you can break into.

Start with what you know. If you have a degree in something, if there is a subject you just happen to know well, or if you have done several related projects, that could be your niche. For example, if you wrote a number of articles on fitness, you can establish yourself as a “Fitness Article Writer.” If you have done web page content for a number of projects, you can establish yourself as a “Web Page Content Writer.”

If you are just starting out as a writer, what hobbies do you have? What interests can you write about? You are a writer, so why not write about being a writer? Learn even more about it and become an “Expert Writer.”

Basically, you can become an expert on anything that you want to be an expert in. In the freelance writing business, you have the opportunity to learn about virtually any field. Aside from particular subject matter, here are some areas that you can hone your skills in and develop your niche:


-Public relations

-Non-profit writing


-Technical writing



-Magazines/trade publications


-Poetry and/or short fiction

-Greeting cards

-Screen plays/television/movie scripts

-non-fiction articles/books


-children’s writing

-web content/website promotion


In future posts, I will get into the details of these niche areas to give you a better idea how to break into the area. Developing a freelance writing niche is important, so I am definitely going to give the subject some time.

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  1. start out with a blog, take baby steps, make the few words you use say much more!

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    I discovered your site on bookmarking site…I like it and gave it a fave for you, I’ll be checking back regularly…

  3. What about cross niches? Like an e-newletter writer whom writes about public relations for book writers.

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  5. Just wanna input on few general things, The website layout is perfect, the content is really fantastic : D.

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