Choosing A Freelance Writing Niche

There are several different writing markets, types of writing and styles. It helps to be versatile in your writing, but it is also good to have one niche focus. Perfecting your skills in one or two specific types of writing can improve your credibility as a writer and draw in a certain type of client. Think of it this way, would you want to have surgery with a doctor who can perform 50 different surgeries satisfactorily, or one who can perform 10 surgeries, including the one your need, with absolute excellence? The latter would have a more intimate knowledge with the surgery you need, and that would boost my confidence in the odds that things will go well.

As a writer, it is good to be flexible and produce a variety of genres, but there has to be something that you are the absolute expert in. You need a “specialty” to let customers know that you have dedicated time to honing a particular style/genre of writing, and they will naturally feel more comfortable with you rather than someone who claims they can write it all.

The main fear with choosing a niche focus is wondering if people will understand that you can do other types of writing. I suggest narrowing how you market your skills to about five specific styles/genres/niches so clients know that you do other things, but also get the sense that you are a focused expert who has practiced specific skills. Out of those five things, pick one that you will totally master and market that as your primary service. Here are some niches focuses you may want to think about:


-short web article writing

-print magazine article writing

-professional blogs

-website content writing

-sales writing/copywriting






-newswriting (choose between hard news, features, press releases, profiles)

-resume writing

The list goes on. Start with what you have experience in or a natural knack for. Improve and nurture those specific types of writing and add a new one every once in a while. This will help you grow as a writer and establish yourself as a professional writer. Having a narrow focus will show that you take pride in your quality and skills, and that will earn the respect of many clients.


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