Goal setting for Freelance Writing

It is the seventh day of the New Year. If you have made resolutions, you may have already broken some of them, if not all. If you are still on track, good for you. If you missed the mark, don’t worry about it. As a freelance writer, especially if you are new at it, you will not get all of the writing that you aspire to get done in one day. As with any other habit, it is best to start small. The idea is to do better than last year. I can’t stress enough that your goals should be realistic, and you should give yourself time to grow into those habits that you are looking to form.goal

There are different was to set writing goals. You can set a certain number of words to write, a certain amount of hours to put in, or set completion dates for your novel or article. I believe in taking baby steps. I wouldn’t try to jump from writing one hour a day to writing eight hours a day, for example. Allow yourself some grace and do a little better each day, or each week, than you did before. You will never be perfect, and there will be sick and/or tired days. Things will come up and you won’t expect them. Once you build up your routine, it will get easier to reach your goals and roll with the punches.

My advice is to understand that it will take time to reach your goals. Take one day at a time and do your best for that day. Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Keep your ultimate goal in mind, and make sure that you are moving towards it little by little. Don’t drown yourself in guilt if you fall short once in a while. Simply make regular progress, and you will do fine. Each day is a fresh new start, and we still have 358 of them this year. Think of all the progress you’ll make! Keep writing, whatever you do, and don’t give up. We are going to have a productive year.


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