Bulk Writing Assignments

Myth: It is always worth it to cut my rate for bulk writing projects.

It is seldom the case. During a slow season, it is tempting to take on 50 articles for half the price you would normally charge. You may be thrilled that you finally have enough work to keep you busy, but it’s probably not worth it. The promise of continued work is often an empty one. Many times individuals who buy large quantities of articles at cut rates will keep an eye open for a writer who will do the work for even less money. If they do find a cheaper writer, you will be left in the dust.

Bulk projects of hundreds of articles can be time consuming. You have to be sure that they per hour value will be enough to sustain you if you don’t have time for other projects. If the work can be done quickly and easily, the bulk work might not be a bad idea. For example four single page articles per hour at a rate of $5 each is $20 per hour. If you are comfortable with that rate and you can handle the work, do it.

Don’t severely compromise your payment standards just because someone says that they have a lot of work for you. Sometimes lower paying work can be grueling, and just a few hours into the project, you will realize that you are earning less than the federal minimum wage per hour.

Before you take on a gazillion articles at a cut rate, make sure that they can be done quickly and easily. Don’t cut your prices more than 25% for larger assignments. Sometimes, you will be better off if you keep your schedule open for higher paying work.

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