Build your writing portfolio with blogs

One great way to build credibility and showcase the quality of your writing is through blogging. If you regularly post quality articles about a topic you enjoy writing about, you are providing yourself with a multitude of samples. If you don’t already have a blog, I encourage you to start one. I would also encourage you to do guest posts for other blogs as well. Having posts on other people’s blogs can show clients that your writing is recognized as valuable.

You may not earn a direct income from blogging, but it certainly opens doors for your business. Having fresh posts will boost your search engine ranking. Take your time and deliver quality. Potential clients will read your blog, so there is no sense in being careless with it. Take advantage of the opportunity to impress them. If you are interested in writing for a particular industry, focus your blog on related subject matter as a way to prove that you know something. A blog is your opportunity to create articles on topics you love to write about, and can lead to clients who need writing on that subject.

If there is more than one niche that you are interested in writing for, create a blog for each. Maintaining a quality blog will take time and effort, and you will have to make time for it while you work on paying projects. It is well worth the time as you are creating a dynamic portfolio of pieces that can lure new business. Be sure that you can post twice a week at a minimum, and keyword optimize your writing.

A blog can enhance your portfolio, which should also include any other type of writing that you possess the skills to produce. Make sure you feature only your best work. Don’t take blogging for granted, because it can ultimately lead to writing jobs.

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