How to write faster

In the freelance writing business, speed counts. Granted, speed is not more important than quality, but it is high up there on the list. It is important to learn how to limit the amount of time that your writing projects take you so that you can meet deadlines. Another reason why it is a good idea to perfect your skills and be able to produce work quickly is money. The amount of writing you can get done within a certain timeframe will determine how much money you can earn per day, per week etc.

The first thing that I learned to do is shut off the “internal editor.” Start with a blank page and your topic. Free write all of your ideas without a thought of grammar, organization, or word choice. Write things out in a raw form and fix it later. This eliminates the how-do-I-start-this challenge and gives you some raw material to work with.

Another thing you can do to speed up your process is to make an outline. Sometimes when I begin a short article, I map out the major points that I want to cover before I do any research or writing. This helps me to focus my research and gather only the most relevant information. When I find information that covers the points that I want to make, I fill in those areas of the outline and use it as a rough draft. After that, all I have to do is clean up the language, add transitions, etc.

My final tip for writing faster is avoid distractions. There is no need to check your email every ten minutes, or to keep your instant messenger on while you are working. Everyone has a weakness, and you must acknowledge what has the power to lure you away from your writing. If you are honest about what it is, you can make an effort to keep it away from you while you work. Distraction free writing will always be faster.

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  1. Good tips. I have found that making a brief outline helps me the most. It keeps me focused on the part that I’m writing right then so that my writing doesn’t wonder off to the next topic too soon.

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