Freelance writing outside the box

Writing about your hobbies or the things that you love may not have to highest paying client pool or the demand of the general public. If you love to knit, collect coins, or have a thing for lizards, you will have to be creative if you want to pitch to paying markets. What you need to try to do is incorporate popular interests into your less than trendy hobby or preferred pasttime.

Here is an example. Let’s say that you absolutely love lizards. There are not very many magazines that have a reptile focus, but there are general magazines that focus on pets or animals. A parenting magazine might be your target for an article explaining why lizards make great pets. Another spin is to write an article geared towards women that compares a certain type of man to a lizard. You can pitch the story to a women’s magazine, or a teen magazine as a cautionary dating tale. Think outside of the box.

Whatever your interests are, if you think creatively, you can use your own personal twist the appeal to mainstream markets. It will add a unique flare to your writing. Be yourself, and don’t think that your idiosyncrasies aren’t just the angle you need to break into print.

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  1. Long time, no post. I miss getting to read your tips. Please start posting again!

    • Hi, I’ll be posting again soon. I miss doing it as well.

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