Growing as a Freelance Writer

I have found that it is important to keep learning and growing as a freelance writer. There will always be a new style of writing to master, another interesting subject, and different writing markets to explore. It is important to start in one place, develop there, and then move on. That is not to say that you should change your niche or stop doing types or writing that you are good at. What I mean is that focusing on one style, subject matter, or market for a period of time is beneficial, but that should not be the end.

Recently, I have decided to lighten my workload so that I can develop new skills. I found that I was incredibly busy with the same types of projects that I have been getting for months, and I would really like to expand. This is not only for a change of pace, but to build my portfolio, grow as a freelance writer, and to open up the opportunity to take on new types of writing projects. My goal is to be a versatile writer, and the only way I can be a versatile writer is to practice my skills and develop new ones…Constantly.

Be encouraged to make time in your schedule to learn new writing skills, or perhaps other skills that can help you with your freelance career. Even the most advanced and experienced writers can find ways to improve their business, even if the skills that they are learning aren’t related to writing (such as graphic design). Planning to grow will ensure that you do grow as a writer.

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