The Personal Side of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing comes with two possible drawbacks: a lack of human interaction, and a lack of exercise. Before long, after starting your own freelance business, you might find that you are lonely and gaining weight. It is easy to get lost in all of the creativity, work seven days a week, and obsess over making it in the writing industry. Without the proper balance between freelance writing and having a personal life, it is possible to burn out rather quickly.

When you are managing your time, make sure that you include time for friends and family. It is also a good idea to get out there and meet new people. The benefits of this can be two-fold. First, you will feel better connecting with someone else, and you can network your way to new writng opportunities. You never know who you might run into (like an editor or publisher, or somebody who knows one). Another way to keep personal intereaction as a part your your schedule is to write articles based on interviews. This will force you to develop your interpersonal skills while adding to your writing experience.

Keeping physically fit can be challenging if your only exercise is typing and reading. Get away from the computer and take a walk, jog, lift weights, rollerblade, ride a bike, do crunches, or something physically active. This will not only keep the weight off, but it will boost your energy and creativity levels. Feeling tired and sluggish can hinder your productivity, and exercise is a way to combat this problem.

Socialize and exercise as well as write as much as you can. You might even combine these things (exercising with a friend, etc.) Balance is necessary for success as a freelance writer.

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