Freelance Writing Niche: web content/website promotion

Web content writing and website promotion is the first niche that I started breaking into. I am still learning about writing different types of web pages and I have experience in writing SEO articles and article marketing. Here is an overview of this niche and some tips regarding how to get started with this type of writing and how to do it well.

Different Types of Web Content

Blogs. For freelance writers, blogging is an important tool. Maintaining a blog with high quality posts is an easy and free way to self-publish, build your portfolio, establish credibility on certain subjects, and market yourself as a writer. Blogging can also open doors for your writing career. Writing blog posts for other people or companies can become a regular paying job in itself if you write for enough clients.

SEO Writing. Search Engine Optimization includes the methods used to raise the ranking of a website. SEO writing is basically preparing content that is rich with popular keywords or phrases and links. There is an increasing demand for writing website pages, articles, and blog posts that will attract search engines and place websites among the top links on the first page of the search results on popular search engines. It is not as complicated as it sounds, and it is actually one of the quickest ways to start earning money when freelancing online.

Website Pages. Every website you visit has some type of writing on it. You can be the author behind the content on these pages. Start-up companies are always looking for someone to assist with content and almost always look for writers with SEO experience. Assignments might be for a search engine optimized home page, a privacy policy, about us page, product descriptions or all of the above. Sometimes clients need a sales letter or a landing page that will lead to the client’s main website or product that visitors can buy. Other times landing pages are used as a means to build a subscriber list to an enewsletter.

Article Marketing. One internet marketing trick that all freelance writers should be aware of is article marketing. There are tons of article submissions sites all over the internet that people use to promote their services, drive traffic to their websites and establish their credibility. These articles are typically informational and should follow the submission guidelines of the sites that they will be submitted to. While promotional content is commonly rejected, an area on the submission forms called a resource box allows for a brief sales pitch and url directing readers to company websites or product pages. While the individual websites may not receive high search engine rankings, the articles might, giving those websites exposure through the resource box at the bottom. These are often required to be search engine optimized.

How to Land Web Content Writing Projects

If you want to establish yourself as a freelance writer who specializes in web content and website promotion, you have to learn internet marketing. Learn all you can about SEO, landing (also called squeeze) pages, blogging, Twitter, social networking, Reddit, Delicious, RSS, Squidoo, and article marketing. It is important for you to build your own web presence and learn how to use these tools so that you can establish yourself as an expert in writing for the web. Your portfolio should include all of the different kinds of web content. If you make use of the tools, clients will eventually come to you.

There are tons of web content writing jobs available on,,,, and others. Create a profile, post your portfolio, and bid on the jobs. Over time, your web writing skills will develop, and the best way to learn is to keep taking this kind of project.

Tips on Writing for the Web

Learn how to write keyword rich articles that flow well. Do keyword research to find the best phrases to use on certain subjects. It is important not to write for the search engines directly, but for the people doing the searches. In order to succeed at SEO articles and blog posts, you have to strike a balance between keyword density and readability.

Write short sentences and paragraphs. Long sentences and massive wads of text turn off web readers. Break up your sentences and paragraphs to make your points quickly and clearly.

Use subheadings. Most people will only scan through articles to grab information quickly. If you use subheadings as a sort of map that will help readers navigate through your article, there will be a better chance they will read more of your article. Make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for quickly.

Use a descriptive title. Your title should explain what the article is about specifically. What will the reader learn by reading your article? If your title answers this question and grabs the attention of the readers, it is good.

Keep your language simple. Avoid advanced jargon that will alienate people who aren’t familiar with your topic or industry.

Be conversational. Writing in the same way that you speak is challenging. Knowing when it is appropriate to break the rules of grammar takes skill and practice. Your ultimate goal is to connect on a personal level with the reader when writing for the web. This will engage them more than a sterile or strictly technical approach.

Improve your writing in general. Perfecting your writing skills will be a life long journey. There will always be a new aspect of writing to master. Take a look at this collection of writing tips from various professionals.

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