Freelance Writing and Up-selling

Marketing is a skill that every freelance writer has to develop. Having good sales skills can prove to be profitable to your writing career. There are several ways that writers can up-sell to their clients and earn more money.

Do your best with every assignment you have and provide good customer service. If your client likes the job you did on an article, offer to do another. Clients will come back if they like your work and if you treat them well. It is a good idea leave things open ended at the end of a project. This can be done with a simple, “Please let me know if you need anything else,” or “Feel free to contact me in the future if you need more writing done.”

Keeping your writing skills sharp and learning about different styles or writing or genres can be helpful as well. For example, if you write articles, you may also write press releases. If you are a good blogger, you may be able to put together ebooks based on posts, or vice versa. As you develop your writing skills, expand your service offerings and keep practicing your new prowess. It is a good idea to pick a specialty, but don’t limit yourself. You can probably put together enewsletters, website pages, sales letters, or an autoresponder email series.

If you have skills other than writing, these can come in handy as well. Desktop publishing, editing, graphic design, and other skills like these compliment writing services. Let your client’s know that you also provide these services because they might need them, or they might refer a friend to you.

Sometimes clients are looking to work with a single writer to take care of their needs for an extended period of time, so the up-sale could be effortless. If you maintain a good rapport with repeat clients, they are likely to buy your writing services repeatedly.

Offer your additional services to clients, or simply make them aware that you have those skills. Having a diverse portfolio will help you in this effort. Making the most of every opportunity is better than constantly digging through writing job listings and applying for new work relentlessly. There is nothing wrong with searching for work frequently, but sometimes you can find more work with the clients you have already won over.

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