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There is a piece of advice that I have heard repeatedly from experienced writers, and I thought that it would be worth mentioning here. Perhaps you have heard it before: Always write down your ideas as soon as you get them.

Writing ideas can come to us at any moment, and they are valuable. Keep an index card, note pad, paper and a pen or pencil with you at all times, because you never know when your best selling pitch or most loved article yet will pop into your mind. I have to admit, I have only done this sparingly, and I regret not writing down all of the ideas that I have had. I have made it my aim recently not to allow those gems to simply slip away.

Keep all of your writing ideas in one place and review them every once in a while. You may not use them right away, or at all, and that is fine. Many of those ideas that you may have forgotten about could be what the next editor is looking for. One day you may be tired or at a loss for writing topics and revisiting your collection of writing ideas can give you a second wind of creativity.

Reading can also be your muse. Here are some websites that can stimulate some writing ideas:

Watching television and movies sometimes inpires me with article ideas. Where do you get your writing ideas?

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  1. Thank you so much for listing my blog as a resource here. Everyone needs help with ideas at one time or another. That’s what anyone can find at The Story Ideas Virtuoso.

    Thanks again.

    Deb Gallardo

  2. I realized recently that television could be a good source of ideas for article. I love to watch Jeopardy, and there are some great nuggets in the answers that could be expanded to an article.

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