Freelance Writing Niche: Non-profit writing

I have mentioned before that writing for non-profit organizations is a great way to build your portfolio. It is possible to specialize in this type of writing and work with a number of non-profits.

What non-profit writing jobs are out there?

Religious organizations. Local churches, synagogues, and mosques, may need some writing done. If you are a religious individual, this could be an open door for you. These organizations may need weekly bulletins, monthly or quarterly newsletters, letters to members, minutes for staff meetings, fliers for upcoming events, and a host of other documents. Website content and ghostwritten books are also a regular need.

Green organizations. Environmental awareness is becoming increasing popular. There is a need for website content and web articles as well as various print materials related to green organizations, events, programs, and general information about how people can get involved. These types of organizations may have work for you if you are passionate about the earth.

Animal organizations. Some writers are animal lovers. Between animal cruelty awareness, protecting endangered species, and shelters or zoos needing exposure, there is plenty of related writing to do.

Disease awareness, prevention and research. Government grants are sometimes available for disease research, and non-profit organizations are often looking for someone to help with proposals. There is also a need for articles, press releases, fliers, and newsletters. Health is a very serious issue and literature on disease is always needed.

Children’s organizations. There are so many organizations that are focused on children. If you love children and want to make a difference in very young lives, writing for these organizations is one way to do it. Hungry, diseased and/or impoverished children are all over the world. Your writing can help organizations raise money and awareness.

Anything else? I am sure I have missed something, but if you think about what you care about the most besides what is going on in your immediate world, there are plenty of organizations that connect with that passion. Education? Addiction? Personal development?

Tips on non-profit writing

In general, grant proposal writing is a fairly important aspect of non-profit writing if you plan to make this your writing niche. It will certainly come in handy if you are dealing with various organizations that don’t necessarily have the financial means to accomplish all of their goals.

Donate and discount. One way to show that you truly care about an organization’s cause is to offer free and/or discounted writing services. Show that you are honestly committed and want to help.

Think marketing. Non-profit organizations need marketing more than any other type of writing. Remember that raising awareness is crucial, and fund raising is also very important. If you have good marketing skills, you can make it in this niche. Check out these tips for writing non-profit marketing copy. You may also want to look at the Non-Profit Marketing Guide website.

I found an old blog with some good information on freelance writing for non-profit organizations. The posts are from some time ago, however the information is still relevant and helpful.

Non-profit writing is a great niche if you are just starting out or if you simply care more about a certain cause, or causes, more than money. There is not too much competition in this niche because of the money factor, but it does have potential if you are willing to work hard and network with different people and organizations. It can be very rewarding.

If money is an issue, you can always keep non-profit writing as a sub-niche that is complementary to the other higher paying work that you may do. It can be beneficial for any writer to get involved with a cause, even if it is not their primary freelance writing focus. Consider this niche, or at least writing for a good cause.

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  1. […] Original post by Daily Freelance Writing Tips […]

  2. […] Original post by Daily Freelance Writing Tips […]
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  3. I’ve revived the Writing for Nonprofits blog, so new posts to come! Thanks for the links to both that blog and Nonprofit Marketing Guide!

  4. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll definitely be coming back to your blog.

  5. Informative post. I’ve been pondering writing for non-profits, since I volunteer for several and see how much time and effort is spent fund raising.

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