Freelance Writing is Not Easy

I’m not complaining, I absolutely LOVE my job, but it does not get the respect that it deserves. Freelance writing is a difficult career.

I was reading a recent post that mentioned how the current economic conditions has caused people to consider writing as a career, even if they don’t like to write. I believe that many people are under the impression that freelance writing is an easy job that anyone can do at least for a little extra money. Sorry, not everyone can freelance. It is possible that a person with little or no experience can make a few dollars online, but a freelance writing career takes talent, dedication, networking skills, marketing skills, time management skills, personal discipline, and good organization.

It’s unpredictable. There is no supervision. It takes a lot of hours. You have to be able to impress people often…It is like going on interviews all the time.

What I love about my career is that I get paid to do what I love, and that is writing. I quickly learned, after starting out that there is plenty of time spent not writing. On the other hand, sometimes there is so much writing to do that I actually need a break!

If you have been a freelance writer for a while, you know what I mean. Some people think that we have it easy. They have no idea!


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  3. Good post – I know exactly how you feel, especially the bit about being in ‘interview mode’ all the time! I also often feel just like I am back at school, having to write an essay, every single day. It can become quite tedious!

    However there are upsides to doing this….I just seem to have forgotten them for the moment!

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