Freelance Writing and Grammar

“Whatever type of writing you want to be successful in, accept that you need to work your way up in the craft by learning the basics, the rules. Writing is like any other profession in this way.” Bob Mayer

Novice writers often make the mistake of breaking the rules of grammar, or not knowing the rules of grammar. This is not to say that there isn’t a time when it is okay to break grammatical rules, but this is no excuse for not knowing them. In order to be able to break certain grammar guidelines, you need to know what they are. Good writing only stems from learning and practicing how to communicate effectively within the language. Once your skills have been developed in using words correctly, you will then be free to manipulate the language, break the rules, and still be an effective writer.

Successful writers who seem to “get away with” writing informally and with supposedly no regard for traditional grammatical practices have years of experience. These writers are not simply making mistakes, but are purposefully crafting the words in a certain way for a reason.

No matter how good you feel your writing is, make sure that you learn the rules of grammar and follow them. Don’t break ’em unless you got a reason. 🙂

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