Treating Clients Well as a Freelance Writer

I have stressed in the past that it is important to have good customer service as a freelance writer, just as any business should. Here are some tips that can help you keep your clients happy, and perhaps even impress them.

-Address them formally. Sir, Madame, Mr., Mrs., Ms., and last names should be used at the beginning of the client relationship. It is perfectly fine to use their first name if they tell you that this is fine. I usually take notice to how they end their messages. If they use their first name alone, I take that as a signal that I can reply with their first name.

-Use proper email etiquette. Also, make sure that you respond to messages promptly and spell check and proofread before you click “send.” I try to make sure that I get back to my clients within 24 hours.

-Be friendly. While it is not required that you make small talk with your clients, a personal touch can create more of a trust and bond with your clients. There is no need to get overly personal, but you can ask how they are doing. Pick up on queues such as life events (marriage, death, new baby, moving, etc.) and use them to show your human side. Congratulations or condolences are appropriate in certain situations.

-Always respond professionally. All of your communication should have a touch of class and grace. Don’t allow strong emotions to cloud your judgment and keep you from acting professional. Not every client will be easy to work with, and you may need to end a client relationship at one time or another. Sometimes you will have to put up with personalities that you clash with, but, if you are professional and courteous, you will get through it without too much trouble.

-Give more than is required of you. Exceed your client’s expectations. Deliver your best work every time. Try to turn work in ahead of the deadline. Do a little more than is required of you.

-Offer discounts. You can reward clients who buy your services repeatedly or refer others to you.

Generally, the idea is to provide your clients with a stress-free, comfortable experience. Customer loyalty is really important. Do your best to foster long-term relationships with clients that you like to work with. They can provide you with work when times are tough. Good customer service is a major key to a successful freelance writing career.

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