Freelance Writing Contracts

About a week ago I wrote a post about freelance writing scams. I wanted to offer some tips on preparing a contract that will protect your interests.

Allison Boyer had some good tips about writing a solid contract on her blog last week. Her tips explained that you should include a dispute clause, a kill fee, and who will obtain the rights to the finished work. She also emphasized that the payment terms and deadline should be very clear.

I would like to add that your contract should be simple, to the point, and signed by both parties. It is also important to state that you or the client has the right to cancel, just in case you decide that the project is not going well. Include anything that you feel is necessary, but be reasonable, and consider that your client has rights as well. Have an attorney draw a contract template to ensure that your rights are protected.

Read How to Create a Freelancing Contract

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  1. All very good points. I’ve never had a major dispute in my freelance writing field, but I always read the contracts carefully. In many cases I’ve asked for and gotten changes, primarily in clauses that restrict my rights to work on similar projects for other textbook publishers.

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