Should Freelancers Write Paid Reviews?

I was thinking about the ethics of the idea behind getting paid to do reviews. The obvious argument is that any paid review of a product, service, or website will be influenced by the fact that money is involved. Naturally, companies are not interested in paying for poor reviews, so any paid review would have to be positive regardless of the writer’s actual opinion, right?

I was trying to think of a way to get around this problem…Should a freelance writer spend the time reviewing a product, service or website honestly, and then submit the results for approval? If the company likes the review, they can pay to use it. If not, then both lose. The company doesn’t get a good review and the writer is stuck with copy that they can’t make money from…This idea is not good.

I don’t see how to get around the original issue: How can a writer get paid for a review without crossing ethical lines?

What do you think? Would you take money to write a review for a product, service or website that you didn’t honestly support? What if you loved what you reviewed?


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  1. I think writing paid reviews is unethical and I wouldn’t do it. Besides just being wrong, if you are discovered, it would likely cause major damage to your writing career.

  2. ok nive paid review tips

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