Backup Your Freelance Writing Work

As a freelance writer, it is important to protect yourself from computer crashes and a loss of data. Make sure that you have an external drive, disk, or some type of backup system so that you don’t find yourself in a bind. I haven’t had any computer glitches cause me to lose all of my work, but I have had internet connection issues. You never know what could happen, so save your work constantly and do regular backups. I backup my laptop every ten days or so.

Recently, I was reading an article about backing up your blog. I had never thought about this before, and I am glad that I read the article. If you have a WordPress blog, you can actually download a plugin and create a backup. I have not done this yet, but I do have over a hundred posts here so far. It is probably a good idea to take that advice and backup my blog.

Do you back up your work? How often do you do this?

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  1. I back up my work on my desktop by moving new and changed files from my main hard drive to my secondary hard drive. I also have all of my files on my laptop.

    I use an 8 Gb thumb drive for quick back-ups and file transfers between my two computers. (Highly recommend the thumb drive — only costs about $15.)

    Like you, I need to download that plug-in and back-up my blogs.

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