Guest Post: Jenn Escalona (Part One)

I wish I could say that I learned my freelance writing skills as a scrappy youth making my way the only way I knew how on the streets of the Big City, but really, I got to where I am today how most freelancer’s seem to do it – hard work, persistence, and  a little bit of luck.
I have always been a fiction writer, and since I graduated college (with a history degree, naturally), I wanted to job where I could write for a living. I fell into competitive media research, which was quite a bit like technical writing except that topics might include J. Lo’s latest break up. When it turned out that the company was closing my branch and I was soon to be unemployed, I decided to try my hand at freelance writing and journalism. At the time, I only had vague notions of what a freelance writer did. I hoped it involved working in my pj’s (which it does!), rewarding, creative work (which it sometimes does), and fame and fortune (…which it doesn’t.)

I started like many freelance writers do, putting my profile and some samples up on an online writing job board and bidding on clients. I won some of my first clients this way, and was lucky enough that none of them turned out to be scoundrels, because I was extremely naïve. It took a client asking me about it before I realized that I should have a freelance contract. After that, I began to read freelance writing blogs and talk to other freelance writers in person and online, and that gave me more insight into the standards of the industry and some of the pitfalls that I had narrowly escaped.  I credit my success as a naïve young freelancer to the fact that most freelancers and clients are genuinely gracious and decent people. Now that I have a few notches on my freelancing belt, I like to try to help freelancing newbies out, too.  I do that through my own blog, The Life and Times of a Freelance Writer, and a regular gig over at the freelancing community, FreelanceWriterville.

Jennifer Escalona is a freelance writer and journalist who loves T.S. Eliot, sushi and holding forth with very strong opinions about adjectives and adverbs. To hire her to write your web copy, marketing collateral, SEO content, or even your diary, visit her website. Jennifer also writes about freelancing, language, murklins (ask!), and other wordy topics over at her blog, “The Life and Times of a Freelance Writer”.


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