Publishing Complaints

As a freelance writer, you have to be careful about your online image and your client relationships. Everyone will come across a client during their career that they don’t get along with or just have a hard time pleasing. While it can relieve stress to rant about your client woes, it is not a good idea to publish them. What you post on a community board or on your blog could be seen by current or potential clients, and what you say could reflect poorly on you.

Make sure that you communicate directly with your client if you have specific issues with your work relationship.You might be able to resolve the problem.

If you must vent, type up your complaint in a file, and don’t save it. If you would like, you can print it out and tear it up, but don’t complain on your blog or in chat that is publicly visible.

You can get on the phone with another freelance writer or email another freelance writer who knows exactly what you are dealing with. Again, the point is to keep these issues private because public whining will only reflect poorly on you.

Don’t make that mistake.

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