Freelance Writer’s Schedule

I came across an interesting post asking writers whether or not they use a set schedule. It really made me think. There is a set of questions to answer for those who do follow a schedule and a different set of questions for those who do not. Here are my answers to the questions for writers who do not follow a schedule.

1. Why don’t you force yourself to work a schedule? Have you ever tried?

I don’t have an hour to hour schedule because I work better without one. I have tried a million times to set specific hours and create some sort of consistent daily routine, but I always felt restricted by that. I enjoy being a freelance writer because I don’t have to work at the same time everyday or for the same amount of time everyday. I am able to plan the rest of my life around work much better.

2. When do you do your best writing? Are you able to do it then, or would working a schedule around that time work better?

I do my best writing when my house is clean, I’m all showered, and no one is around. This can be at 7 in the morning or noon. This time may even be at 8 pm. I do my best writing when my chores are out of the way, the apartment is quiet, and I have energy. As you may be able to tell, scheduling wouldn’t work because I really don’t know until that day when my most productive wave will come. That is not to say that I don’t sit down and write unless the mood strikes (that is hardly the case), but my best writing comes on demand. All I have to do is clear my head of the rest of my busy life, sit down, and focus.

3. Does it make you anxious to not have a set schedule? Why?

No, not at all. I plan to work to meet deadlines, and I use any extra time to write for myself. (Blogging, posting articles online about topics I enjoy, etc.) I make sure that I put in the time to finish what needs to get done, and then I do the writing that I most enjoy. I break when needed, and that works for me.

4. Have you ever had a problem as a result of the lack of a schedule?

Yes. As I indicated before, I do my best writing when my chores are done. If my chores fall behind, my writing may fall behind as well. I can get really stressed out if things pile up. I have overcome this problem with discipline and eliminating procrastination. Rather than forcing myself to write x time to x time, I get rid of excuses like laundry, mail sorting and vacuuming.

5. How do you benefit from not keeping a schedule?

I am able to relax more and I can write better when my stress level is low. I am able to go out during the day and take care of errands when most people are at work. I have actually grown in discipline because I can honestly buckle down when deadlines are approaching or I can get ahead of deadlines because I can focus on productivity and not logging hours. It is less stressful to me to focus on getting work done as opposed to feeling guilty if I didn’t write from one specific time to another. It is also less stressful to work long hours because I don’t feel like I am putting in overtime.

6. Are you a part time writer or full time?

Full time.

I would love to read answers from you freelance writers out there. Check out the post for the other questions if you do follow a schedule.


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  1. OMG!!! “I do my best writing when my house is clean, I’m all showered, and no one is around. This can be at 7 in the morning or noon.” THAT IS ME!!! My Hubby always thinks I’m weird but I swear, I can not settle in and get comfy writing unless I am freshly showered! Since we are renovating our home, I have to be a little flexible on the organization front, but the floors, counters and bathroom must be clean for me to settle in too. Too funny :))

    • LOL! My husband doesn’t get it either. He wonders why I work from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep. The thing he doesn’t realize I actually do housework in between. Seriously though, if there is a mess I can NOT write. 🙂

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