Getting the Most Out of Research

It is a good idea for freelance writers to save their research. Bookmark useful websites that came in handy when working on an article, blog, or ebook because you might want to use them again. This is especially true if the assignment was on a subject of interest and you are likely to write about the topic again. Even if you don’t think you will need it in the future, keep it handy. Sometimes a writer can become an expert of sorts on a topic they never planned to specialize in. One experience with a certain subject can lead to another project on the same subject. Just yesterday I received a project on a finance topic that I wrote about months ago for the first time.

You should save all of your finished work as well. You never know when you can use it as a sample to get a new project, or if you can revamp or combine some of your old material to meet requirements on a new assignment. Once you have written about a topic, you can use that to your advantage and take other related projects. It is always a plus to have experience in the subject matter when applying for a project.

Granted, writing about the same topic can eventually get dull, but if you know the information well you can write faster and finish assignments with ease. You can always liven things up by taking on a new topic.

When an assignment is complete and paid for, don’t throw it away. Find ways to use your research again and save yourself some time.

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