Stress-free Freelance Writing

Does stress-free freelance writing exist? If you have been a freelance writer full-time for a while, you may be thinking, “NO WAY!!!” I would like to challenge you and say that it is possible to have little to no stress in your freelance writing career. I have definitely experienced tons of stressful moments over the past few years, but I have learned how to cope with the various issues that arise.

There are a few common situations that can cause stress for a freelance writer. These include finances, deadlines, and difficult clients.

To relieve financial stress, consider charging more, picking up extra projects, or getting a job and cutting down to part-time writing until you build up some savings. Always search for projects that will be easier, faster, and more profitable. If you budget well and stay on top of your clients for payment, you should be able to be somewhat at ease financially. Don’t rely on any one source to pay your bills. Have multiple streams of income in case one fails. An emergency savings account is beneficial as well.

Deadlines are important, so meet them. If you feel too much pressure, negotiate with your clients for extensions. Spread out the deadlines for multiple projects so that you don’t have to worry about having several projects due on the same day. Also allow yourself at least a day more than you think your project will take just in case there is a problem. Try to get work done as far ahead of deadline as possible. There is nothing better than knowing that everything is done and you don’t need to rush.

Dealing with tough clients takes some practice. Always be professional and courteous. If you do your best to please them and they are still not happy, let them go. You can’t please everyone. To avoid the problems that end in project cancellation, set clear project guidelines from the beginning (deadlines, payment, instructions, etc.) and confirm the details with the client. Make sure that the expectations on both sides are as clear as possible and understood by both parties.

Stress-free freelance writing? It is possible, at least sometimes. You can’t avoid stress altogether (not in this business) but you can take control, breathe, and keep the tension down.

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