Why Freelancers Need to Focus on Details

A while back I wrote a post titled: Freelance Writers Should Pay Attention to Detail

There I explained what to look for when applying for writing jobs and when working on projects. I would like to take it a step further and discuss the benefits of being detail orientated in your freelance writing career.

It makes you look good. Following instructions correctly requires that you focus on details. Editors certainly appreciate not having to repeat instructions and deal with copy that was not done to specification. Clients are usually impressed when I ask specific questions about their needs and preferences. It assures them that I will do a thorough job on the project.

It helps you land the job. I have been on the client side of freelancing, and to be honest, I weed out any applications that don’t follow my specific instructions. I always choose the writers who respond in the manner that I ask. This is because if they don’t pay attention to the instructions in the ad, they are likely to miss important instructions in the projects I assign.

It makes clients want to rehire you. I always go back to the writers that took care of the details. Clients should never have to edit your work because of typos or fix formatting because you simply overlooked instructions. Do everything that they ask, and make sure that you ask them if there are any more details you can take care of. It is simply good customer service.

It can eliminate the need for revisions. If you check and double check the project description, as well as proofread and edit your work, revisions may not be needed. It can save you a lot of time to get things done correctly the first time. Sometimes revisions are still needed, but if you give clients a preview and ask for feedback before you turn in the final copy, you won’t have to worry about payment delays because of preference related changes.

Being a detail orientated freelance writer will win you business, save you time, and earn you more money.


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