Better Persuasive Writing

Sometimes the goal of writing a piece is to persuade the reader. You may want to convince them to agree with your idea, purchase a product, or get motivated to do something. Here are some persuasive writing tips to make your copy more convincing.

Do your research. The more information that you have about your topic, the more reasons you will be able to give your readers to consider what you are telling them. Convincing arguments are those that have factual support. Every reason that you give the reader to think your way has to be supported.

Avoid words that reveal uncertainty. If you don’t seem fully convinced about what you are writing, how will the reader be convinced? Don’t use words like rather, quite, perhaps, somewhat, probably, sort of, or possibly in persuasive writing. If you feel that you really are unsure about a particular point, do more research or just don’t include that statement.

Prove the same point in different ways. Multiple examples, stories, or statistics can help your points take root in the reader’s mind. Rather than simply repeat yourself, explain your point in different ways. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Try to use complex examples that not only prove your main point, but give your readers additional reasons to agree with what you are saying. For example, someone writing an essay advocating abstinence might provide statistics on sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy, as well as tell the story of how someone regretted having sex because the relationship ended. This approach is more effective than presenting multiple statistics on STDs alone.

In advertising, be concise. Consumers know that you just want their money, and are therefore immediately suspicious. You will only have their attention for a few seconds, and in that time, you must prove that they should consider their offer. Let the reader know how they can benefit from the product, not just details about the product. For example, instead of simply saying that a vehicle has a built in GPS, say something like, “avoid getting lost with the built in GPS.”

Make every word count. It is very important to get to the point in persuasive writing. Cut out any words or sentences that aren’t crucial to proving your point. The less fluff, the better.

Read Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques on Copyblogger.


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  1. You tips are so good but It is not easy to do. Anyway I will try. Thank for your sharing.

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