Honest Academic Writing

I have to make a correction to yesterday’s post about academic writing online. While a majority of the opportunities I have seen are unethical, not all academic writing opportunities are bad. As one of my commentators pointed out (thanks John) there are academic writing jobs that pay well and are not morally questionable. These include text book writing/editing, test and quiz question writing, study guides, instruction manuals, and other educational materials that are used in the classroom. Personally, and I wasn’t thinking about this yesterday, I have done lesson plans/study guides for pay.

I was so passionate about speaking against the sites who sell papers to students, that I overlooked the fact that there are plenty of legitimate academic writing opportunities. Normally, if you are required to write a specific essay or term paper, MLA or APA format and all, chances are some student is paying to cheat.


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  1. Good addendum to your previous post. I, too, only thought of the “opportunities” that were questionable and your follow-up makes a valid point about useful and ethical academic writing.

  2. Thanks for updating your readers about academic writing possibilities.

    You have brought attention to the seamy practice of the buying and selling of term papers online. As a former college instructor, I find the practice reprehensible.

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