Recovering From Mistakes

I just read a short post on Freelance Zone, and it was encouraging. It was about letting go of your past mistakes. Every writer makes mistakes here and there, and it is perfectly normal. No one is perfect, and you can’t expect yourself to be. Putting yourself down and reminding yourself of the mistake that you made will only wear you down and keep you from shining. Forgive yourself and let it go, as the post I read suggested. It was certainly liberating for me, as I make mistakes, too.

The sooner you learn from what went wrong and move on, the better. Take the lesson for what it is worth, and consider yourself more experienced for having made the mistake. You can’t change the past, but you can affect your future.

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  1. I used to be nitty-gritty about details all the time and especially about any writing I put out, but I ‘ve learned to manage that drive for ‘perfectionism’ for the better. So inspiring, both posts. Thanks for sharing!

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