Pay it forward, Writers!

Yesterday there was a post on The Freelance Zone encouraging all writers to do something nice for another writer. Whether you are just starting out in your writing career or you have been successful for years, pay it forward. Leave a helpful comment, send a word of encouragement, or offer your advice to someone who needs it. If another writer has inspired you, let them know. There are certain things that only other writers will understand, and that it why it is important for writers to share and connect.

I hope that this blog has been inspiring and helpful to freelance writers everywhere, as this is my sincere contribution to the writing community. I have received a lot of advice and assistance from other writers and I am truly grateful for that. Giving back feels wonderful, so give it a try.

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  1. It’s nice to know that there are fellow writers out there willing to walk the extra mile in giving those new to the business a helpful hand and valuable advice. Thank you for all that you do, sincerely.

  2. I’m so encouraged there are some who can guide us the newbies on the net to gain some foothold on freelancing career is so welcome.

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